The Value of Landscaping


"Money Does Grown on Trees

Your residential property value can be increased in this simple and highly effective way, landscaping.

According to an article in "Smart Money" your investment in trees, grass, flowers, plants and shrubbery could add up to 15% percent to a home's value. Various other studies have shown an increase in property ranging between 5% and 11%.

Landscaping is one of the best means of immediately improving a house's appearance without exceeding your budget. A less than cared for home, particularly one that is perceived as an eyesore, in an otherwise good neighbourhood, can be a serious handicap; buyers may opt-out of living there. The property delivers precisely the wrong message: that no one cares about its preservation or image. 

Now, think about the benefits that naturally accrue from properly landscaping your home; you create an attractive appeal demonstrating by taking the time to plant, prune, mow, water, and sculpt the surrounding styles, features and ornaments. At minimum, an investment in some basic landscaping is almost a virtual guarantee that your home's value will go up.

Studies abound concerning these issues, proving that landscaping is a sound idea. According to the National Gardening Association, homeowners spent $37.7 billion caring for their property, up from $22.5 billion five years previously.  Most importantly, according to a ClemsonUniversity and University of Michigan report, consumers almost always value a landscaped home more than a non-landscaped one. 

Additionally, a Society of Real Estate Appraisers survey revealed that 95 percent of the appraisers responding to the survey believed that landscaping adds to the dollar value of residential real estate, while 99 percent of them said it enhanced the sales appeal of residential real estate.

By any definition, these figures are phenomenal. These studies clearly establish the huge impact landscaping can have on property values. Bear in mind that landscaping is a rather inclusive term, covering everything from decks, trees, patios, fountains and paths. Given the latitude of this subject and based upon people's own priorities, it is essential for homeowners to avoid arbitrary decisions that undermine the inherent worth of landscaping. 

Thankfully, the resources for home landscaping design ideas are so numerous.  Give your landscaping as much potential as possible by planning for spring, summer and fall colors in your tree and gardening choices. Don't forget to get the advice of a professional in landscape design. If this option is too costly, then try to gather ideas from your local nursery or observe what other home owners are doing.

Landscaping is an affordable way to increase the value of your property. As the studies confirm, this investment is far from being just a subjective issue, as it is a tremendous financial tool.  Taking care of your property's appearance provides an edge to stand apart from other sellers in almost any real estate market.  Once you embrace the concept of a smartly landscaped home, you will have passed the first step. Thereafter, you will potentially position yourself to reap the benefits. 


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